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Acting Center of NY

  “What I try to do is to give the maximum emotional effect with the minimum of visual movement.“  -   Elizabeth Taylor

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Basic Technique *   * Monologue Study *   * Scene Study *   * Improvisation *   * Film & Stage Acting

On Camera Training *    * Audition Anxiety *    * Performance Showcases *   * Break into the Business


10 Sessions - $299 / Private - $100


All levels of actors are welcome. Our gradual, step by manageable step, approach allows you to learn and grow in a supportive, low pressure environment. Our system is results oriented. Most of the performers in our last showcase (see clip upper right) were first time actors. After training a short time in our program they successfully performed in a professional 100 seat venue.

Come take this magical journey with us.


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Convenient Upper West Side Location

Alternate Fridays - 7:00 to 8:30 PM

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'Becoming an Actor'

a Step-by-Step EBook Guide - to natural, confident acting and getting started in the business.

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Mission Statement

The focus is on relaxation and natural performance based on sound fundamental acting technique. We also provide the unique opportunity to perform before live audiences in our own in-house showcase productions.

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Acting Center of NY

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